Handeepax Gourmet Condiments and Spreads

Handeepax is an innovative, easy to use packaging solution for delivering liquid/paste products for immediate single-use. Handeepax is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

For 30 years, traditional portion control tubs have served us well. But with a pressing demand for more cost efficient and environmentally friendly products, these traditional tubs have reached their life span.

Handeepax have developed a range of condiments which tackle all these issues head on and provide an immediate and unique solution.

In developing Handeepax, over 1 million Handeepax were used in trial studies with consumers and businesses. With only old square tubs as a comparison, these studies showed up a number of usage restrictions for the old offerings::

  1. Butter was often too hard to dig out with a knife and harder still to spread.
  2. Difficulty in accessing the filling in the corners of the tubs led most consumers to leave up to 25% (on average) of the filling in the tub.
  3. In a majority of cases, peeling off the lid was a tedious and time consuming task which was difficult and often unsuccessful.

Based on this research, Handeepax have been designed to fit snugly in the palm of your hand where any hard contents can easily be warmed to become soft.

The unique Handeepax design provides an easy tear off tab using gRip™ technology designed for Handeepax, to allow the consumer to squeeze out more than 95% of the filling.

Ultimately, less product means less cost. Less cost for businesses and consumers and less impact on the environment.

Our current range: