Learn more about the handeepax squeeze smart portions

Handeepax have answered some common questions, however if your query isn't listed below please contact us and we will be happy to help.

1. Are your new handeepax easier to open then the old style tubs?

The ease of opening and accessing the filling of portion control packs is paramount to a satisfying meal experience. Utilising our unique gRip™ technology found at the top end of each and every handeepax, you simply tear off the tab exposing an easy pour spout that will let the product flow out with as much flow as is required by the user. This is determined by how much pressure is applied to the handeepax.

2. We are quite well known for our condiments which we produce in-house. Are you able to pack our products into your handeepax?

We are able to take delivery of your specific recipes to pack into our Handeepax. Or we can blend your recipe in our state of the art facility. Our Handeepax can be labelled with your company logos etc. We encourage companies to talk to us about their specific packing needs and requirements.

3. My experience with the current portion control packaging is that they often leak, have you looked at fixing this problem with your new design?

It is a major concern within the industry and is often raised by many customers of older portion control solutions. Part of the initial brief to design our packaging was focused on producing leak free packs. We employ HACCP food manufacturing principles which ensure we have stringent quality control measures which are always adhered to. Our extensive testing has shown that under normal storage and usage the handeepax are 99.9 % leak proof.

4. When I think of portion control butter, it reminds me of how difficult it is to peel off the lid and then dig out the firm butter and spread it, usually resulting in the bread disintegrating. Will I have the same problems with handeepax?

This is by far the most asked question to date. We have always thought the unique shape and ease of use of handeepax lend themselves very well for butter. You simply hold the butter handeepax in the palm of your hand allowing the warmth of your palm to soften the butter until you get the desired softness. This will take roughly 15 to 20 seconds for butter that has come directly out of the fridge. The result is butter that will flow out of the unique handeepax spout that may not require a knife for spreading.

5. My company has just completed a sustainable business practices review and we now want to work with companies who can help us to achieve and exceed our environmental and sustainability goals. Are Handeepax environmentally conscious?

Most companies we work with are looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint and the numbers are growing. Handeepax are designed to be immensely more environmentally friendly than other portion control solutions available today. When packed and shipped in bulk, Handeepax consume a third of the storage space of old style tubs.

The direct impact on transport and storage economics is immense. Handeepax are manufactured using 40% less plastic packaging than old style tubs. Our packaging also weighs less than half the old style tubs. Less mass means less landfill and that's good for our planet. We will stay focused and keep researching for more environmentally friendly materials as they become available. We do request and prefer that all our suppliers are environmentally conscious.

6. What is your capability of supplying to my facilities across Asia and America.

We have distribution capabilities which allow for deliveries of products to all global locations with a choice of air or sea freight.